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Artigarvan Primary School 31 Berryhill Road Artigarvan Strabane

πŸŽƒ πŸ‘» Halloween Colouring Competition πŸ‘» πŸŽƒ

21st Oct 2021

Today Mrs Harper very kindly organised a Halloween Scavenger Hunt outside for the boys and girls in school and nursery. If you found the sweet with the sticker you got an extra treat from Mrs Harper’s office. Well done to all the boys and girls for taking part and thank you to Mrs Harper for the surprises.

When everyone was back inside, the winners of the Halloween competition were announced. All the pictures were amazing and it was so difficult to choose the winners. Well done to everyone for taking part 🀩

Here are the winners from each class: 

Nursery:πŸŽƒ1st:Pyper πŸŽƒ2nd:Annie πŸŽƒ3rd:Drew

Year 1/2:πŸŽƒ1st:Alex πŸŽƒ2nd:Ruby πŸŽƒ3rd:Eve

Year 2/3: πŸŽƒ1st:Alesha πŸŽƒ2nd:Amelia πŸŽƒ3rd:Russell

Year 3/4: πŸŽƒ1st:Sarah πŸŽƒ2nd:Melissa πŸŽƒ3rd:Robyn

Year 5/6: πŸŽƒ1st:Amelia πŸŽƒ2nd:Zac πŸŽƒ3rd:Jasmine

Year 6/7: πŸŽƒ1st:Sarah-Jane πŸŽƒ2nd:Chloe B πŸŽƒ3rd:Chloe Y

πŸ‘»Congratulations to all our winnersπŸ‘»