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Artigarvan Primary School 31 Berryhill Road Artigarvan Strabane

Roots of Empathy


The Roots of Empathy mission is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

We in Artigarvan Primary School are very fortunate to be involved in this programme. This year our baby ‘James’ will visit with Mum ‘Mrs Kane’ nine times over the school year.

In this experiential learning the baby is the ‘teacher’ and Mrs. Patterson will use him as a lever to help the Y3/4 children to identify and reflect on their own feelings and the feelings of others.


Our last visit from Baby James


Baby James has turned one!!! Look how much he has grown.


Theme 6: Safety


Today we welcomed Baby James back into our classroom. Our theme today was all about safety and about development milestones. Baby James is now able to sit up all by himself. He has also got his first tooth since he last visited us. We think James' next milestone will be crawling! Have a look at our photographs - Baby James was full of smiles today. 


Theme 5: Sleep


Baby James and his Mummy were back in our classroom today. We were so excited to see them. Baby James now weighs 10kg- how he has grown! This theme is all about sleep. Mrs Kane brought Baby James’ blanket with her to show us what he uses to help him sleep. He is now able to sit up all by himself. We can’t wait for his next visit !


Theme 4: Emotions


Baby James came back to our classroom today. We were delighted to see him and see how he has grown! The children recognised in the baby the feelings sad, happy, angry and scared. Mrs Kane told us how she recognises baby James' feelings. We now understand that feelings are a sign to others and that all feelings are ok. We learned how loving a baby teaches the baby how to be a loving, caring person. 


Theme 3: Teething


Baby James, our tiny teacher was back in Year 3/4 today. We were all so excited to see him again. Our theme was teething - Baby James has no teeth yet but his Mummy says he is showing all the signs of teething! Babies love to bite when they are teething so we learned it is good to give them something cold to chew. We look forward to seeing Baby James and his Mummy in January again. 


Theme 2: Crying


Year 3/4 were delighted to welcome Baby James back to their classroom today. 

'Crying' is our topic for Theme 2 - we discussed different reasons that make babies cry and asked Mrs Kane about Baby James and what she does to help him when he cries. He was in super form today and we didn't get to hear him crying! 

See you soon Baby James and Mrs Kane.


Theme 1: Meeting the Baby


The children in Mr Campbell’s class were very excited to meet Baby James and his Mummy for their first Roots of Empathy visit. The Theme is called ‘Meet the Baby”. The children talked about what babies can and cannot do. They weighed Baby James and talked lots to his Mummy about him. Everyone loved meeting him and enjoyed seeing his Mummy Mrs. Kane again! We can wait until their next visit.