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Barney's last visit to Mitchell before we finished for our 'long holiday!'

28th Apr 2020

I had popped into Nursery today and thought it was only fair that all the boys and girls were able to see Barney's weekend with Mitchell.  This was such a long time ago but I thought I would share it with you as Barney is missing all the boys and girls so much. Mitchell and Barney had such a busy weekend that started with a trip to McDonalds for a happy meal.  Barney met Mitchell's 2 gorgeous dogs and he also got to listen to fantastic stories that we love in Nursery; The smartest Giant in Town and The Gruffalo. Barney and Mitchell has great fun at Donemana park playing on the swings, tunnels, bike and riding around on the John Deer Gator. They even had a visit from Mitchell's friend from nursery, Joe.

I would say both Barney and Mitchell were very tired after such a busy weekend. Thank you for all the fun Mitchell and I hope Barney gets a chance to see everyone very soon again.


Keep your eyes peeled, even Barney was staying safe!!!!! ;)

Lots of love; Barney & Mrs Preston