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Maths Help for Parents

10th May 2021


We are pleased to inform you that resources to help your child with maths have been made available on the CCEA website. These resources are designed to help you support your child's maths learning at home. They will build their understanding of the maths concepts covered in the classroom.


Being the parent of a young learner is challenging, as you have to balance supporting their learning with your other responsibilities. If the maths methods used by your child’s school are different from those you learned, or if maths has always been challenging for you, we hope that these resources will help you and your child navigate maths learning together, and hopefully have a little fun along the way!


You can access the resources by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

Tens and Units (TU) - Units (U) Subtraction

Tens and Units (TU) - Tens and Units (TU) Subtraction

Hundreds, Tens and Units (HTU) - Tens and Units (TU)

Hundreds, Tens and Units - Hundreds, Tens and Units (HTU)

Rosie's 5 step guides to subtraction (decomposition) encourage all learners to Watch, Try, Practise, Build Confidence and Celebrate Success.
With help from ready-to-use videos, support materials and work cards, these resources are perfect for children practising this essential maths skill at home. They also support parents as they reinforce the processes and language used with learners in the classroom to further promote self-paced, relaxed learning. 

We hope you find these resources helpful.