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Artigarvan Primary School 31 Berryhill Road Artigarvan Strabane

Wedding bells!

25th Mar 2020

On 13th March we had a special occasion to attend, a wedding! Rev. Russell met us at the church as we arrived in our extraordinary outfits, but whose wedding were we attending? We walked down the aisle and sat in a pew where we waited patiently for the bride and groom to arrive, and so they did, along with the bridesmaid and best man, of course! Rev. Russell told us all about a wedding ceremony, our newlyweds even exchanged rings, said vows to each other and gave a friendly high-five to mark the end of the ceremony and the beginning of their (pretend) marriage. Rev. Russell even had music for the bride to walk down the aisle to, accompanied by her bridesmaid, he even had a special song which was played at Mrs Kane's wedding! The children had some fantastic questions ranging from, 'why do you exchange rings?', 'why do you change names?', 'why do you get married in a church?'. Our bride had a little last minute panic that her name had suddenly changed but we reassured her that this was only a practice! 


I had hoped to share these photos with you at our class assembly, I thought you would love to have a look through our special day which the children thoroughly enjoyed. A huge thank you to Rev. Russell for all of his help and for enabling this learning experience for our children!