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28th Jun 2017

On Wednesday 28th June the nursery children had a fantastic day away to Tropical World in Letterkenny.  The children really enjoyed looking at the different animals and some children were very brave and stroked a snake and bearded dragon.

The children behaved exceptionally well and listened very well to Tanya our tour guide. We all had fun and we had 24 tired little children on the way home.

Well done to everyone on a successful trip away. 

28th Jun 2017

Mrs Craig and Mrs Kane took their class on a trip to Eclipse cinema in Lifford.

They then finished the day with a trip to the park. 

27th Jun 2017

On Friday 23rd June the school had their annual prize giving for the Year 7s.

Congratulations to all the boys and girls and we wish them all the best as they start the next chapter in their life.

We are also super proud of all our stars on stage! The children's performances were amazing.

We are blessed to have a wealth of talent in Artigarvan Primary School! 


23rd Jun 2017

A brilliant day was had by pupils and parents at our sports day event on Friday 16th June.

Well done to each and every child that took part in our sports day!

13th Jun 2017

We would like to start by thanking the large number of parents and children who attended our summer fun day.

It was a memorable day and we hope that everyone enjoyed it.

Artigarvan Primary School and Community Nursery would like to thank all the local businesses who donated to the summer draw or contributed in any way.


List of prizes and winners


£50.00 Cash- Zac McSparron 

Girl's Prize-  Nicola Britton

Boy's Prize- Caroline Gilchrist

Valerie Manning- Caomhan McGhee

Ali's Steakhouse- Olivia Shields

Barrontop- Lynn Stevenson

Julie Mooney Beauty- Leah Hamilton

AJ Cupcakes- Lisa Wallace

Floyds- Helen Thompson

Brookview Cottage- Lexi Hetherington

Holden's- Tammy McNeil

Be You- Michelle Watkin

Hanging Basket- Chelsea Jackson

Bottle Whiskey- Anne Barnett

Red Wine- Jensen Moore

White wine-Matthew Finlay

Sparkling Wine- Olly Britton

Sweets in a Jar- Tracy Ashenhurst

Name the Dog- Angela Hamilton (dog was called Honey)


22nd May 2017

Catch up on the growth of our cress seeds. Some of our seeds have not germinated, can you think why this might be? This is the final week of our growing challenge, let's make it a good one!

22nd May 2017

Excitedly, we arrived to school today to find that four of our butterflies have emerged from their chrysalides. How amazing they are! We are unsure of when they emerged but we know that it was over the weekend. Since this morning, they have completely changed in colour. We predicted their symmetrical patterns, to our amazement they looked nothing like we had imagined. They were dull in colour, almost like a moth. As the day progressed, two of the butterflies' wings have changed. They now have orange and red throughout their wings. We were a bit shocked at a red liquid that had been expelled, we read our information leaflet and it assured us that this was normal and it is not blood but meconium- essential for the formation of their wings. Have a look at our most recent video blog.

18th May 2017

Our year 6/7 class took part in a STEM project entitled 'Robo-Cup'!

17th May 2017

A number of our highland dancers recently received awards for their tremendous dedication and effort.

Well done to each and everyone!  

11th May 2017

In Year 3 and 4 our final topic is 'Let's get growing'. The children would like to learn about how plants, children and animals grow. We will begin by looking at plants. So far, we have named the different parts of plants and are learning what their jobs are. Using our iPads, the children have researched each of the parts and are observing this first hand in class by planting our own cress seeds. To begin with we were a bit confused as to how some seeds grow in different places even though they hadn't been planted by a person. Some of the children had a question they would like to find the answer to which was, 'Do all seeds need soil to grow?' The cress seeds have proven the answer to this question as they can grow on cotton wool so long as they get watered each day, have sunlight and a bit of heat. Be careful not to add too much water though, they might get too soggy and kill the seeds! We have uploaded video blogs about the growth of our cress seeds, check out our videos!