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28th Apr 2020

I had popped into Nursery today and thought it was only fair that all the boys and girls were able to see Barney's weekend with Mitchell.  This was such a long time ago but I thought I would share it with you as Barney is missing all the boys and girls so much. Mitchell and Barney had such a busy weekend that started with a trip to McDonalds for a happy meal.  Barney met Mitchell's 2 gorgeous dogs and he also got to listen to fantastic stories that we love in Nursery; The smartest Giant in Town and The Gruffalo. Barney and Mitchell has great fun at Donemana park playing on the swings, tunnels, bike and riding around on the John Deer Gator. They even had a visit from Mitchell's friend from nursery, Joe.

I would say both Barney and Mitchell were very tired after such a busy weekend. Thank you for all the fun Mitchell and I hope Barney gets a chance to see everyone very soon again.


Keep your eyes peeled, even Barney was staying safe!!!!! ;)

Lots of love; Barney & Mrs Preston

25th Mar 2020

On 13th March we had a special occasion to attend, a wedding! Rev. Russell met us at the church as we arrived in our extraordinary outfits, but whose wedding were we attending? We walked down the aisle and sat in a pew where we waited patiently for the bride and groom to arrive, and so they did, along with the bridesmaid and best man, of course! Rev. Russell told us all about a wedding ceremony, our newlyweds even exchanged rings, said vows to each other and gave a friendly high-five to mark the end of the ceremony and the beginning of their (pretend) marriage. Rev. Russell even had music for the bride to walk down the aisle to, accompanied by her bridesmaid, he even had a special song which was played at Mrs Kane's wedding! The children had some fantastic questions ranging from, 'why do you exchange rings?', 'why do you change names?', 'why do you get married in a church?'. Our bride had a little last minute panic that her name had suddenly changed but we reassured her that this was only a practice! 


I had hoped to share these photos with you at our class assembly, I thought you would love to have a look through our special day which the children thoroughly enjoyed. A huge thank you to Rev. Russell for all of his help and for enabling this learning experience for our children! 

25th Mar 2020

Don’t forget that David Walliams has a new story to share every day all eleven

Also  Carol Voderman has created a site with lots of very useful maths lessons to keep you busy.

Have a lovely day all and please stay safe. Xx

17th Mar 2020


Phonics play Year 1 Phase 1,2,3, Year 2 Phase 1,2,3,4

Letterland- youtube then search for the sound/formation


Bug Club signin 



Conversation starter ideas   Pobble365 

                                         The Literacy Shed 





Number formation rhymes 




Cosmic kids yoga


11th Mar 2020

Year 6/7 tried out some experiments with different salts to grow some crystals. The different salts used were Epsom Salts, alum, and table salt mixed with boiling water and food colouring. Each group then wrapped a pipe cleaner up and attached some string so that the pipe cleaner could dangle in the mixture. They left the experiment overnight and produced some amazing crystals. The boys and girls have also completed their instructional writing on how to make crystals. A great bunch of scientists in Year 6/7. 

10th Mar 2020

As the most popular time to read seems to be bedtime, the pupils and staff at Artigarvan P.S decided to come to school in their pyjamas for World Book Day 2020. The teachers each chose a book that they would read in their classroom and the children could pick which story they would like to hear. This was a huge success and children loved hearing stories like 'The Gruffalo' and 'Stick Man'.

10th Mar 2020

Year 7 were delighted when Mrs Patterson arrived with her special delivery of hoodies for Year 7. They all look so well and we wish them well for their last few months in Primary School. 

10th Mar 2020

We had a lovely treat on Friday when George Murphy visited our school to sing some songs and rhymes with the children from Nursery up to Year 7. We joined in singing songs like “She’ll be coming round the mountain” and “Tell me ma”. It was a fun morning for our Feel Good Fridays in school. We hope George will come back to visit again. 

6th Mar 2020

All those pupils who were Stars of the week before half term had great fun at the Principal’s party this week ! 
Well done everyone - Mrs Harper is very proud of you all! 

6th Mar 2020

P7s went to the hall in Artigarvan to enjoy badminton coaching with Naomi - it was great fun and we look forward to our badminton tournament in a few weeks.