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Latest News - Roots of Empathy

3rd Mar 2020

3rd March 2020

Baby Joanna and her Mummy visited today for our theme of communication. We talked about how babies communicate and looked at Baby Joanna's body movement and gestures.  We learnt that nursery rhymes are very helpful to language development and we presented Baby Joanna with a beautiful nursery rhyme book made by all the boys and girls in Year 3/4.

6th Feb 2020

We had another lovely visit from Baby Joanna, this time she brought along her Mummy and her Daddy. We talked about how babies are vulnerable and need to be kept safe. The children were able to see the huge responsibility of being a parent and that babies should never be left alone (except when put to bed). Thank you Baby Joanna and your Mummy and Daddy for another lovely Roots of Empathy visit.

16th Jan 2020

In this theme we talked to Baby Joanna’s Mummy about how Baby Joanna sleeps and what little comforters she has to help her sleep. We measured and weighed Baby Joanna to see how much she had grown since her first visit.

9th Dec 2019

5th December 2019

We had our fourth visit from Baby Joanna and we talked about how we felt in different situations. We gave Baby Joanna a build a bear as her Christmas present and we look forward to her next visit in the new year.

15th Nov 2019

On 14th Nov we had our third visit from Baby Joanna. Our theme was teething. Baby Joanna has no teeth yet but her Mummy thinks it won’t be long! We talked to Joanna’s Mummy about what she carries in her changing bag for Baby Joanna. 

17th Oct 2019

26th September 2019

The children in Mr Campbell’s class were very excited to welcome Baby Joanna and her mum for their first Roots of Empathy visit. This theme is called ‘Meet the Baby’. The children talked about what babies can and cannot do. They weighed and measured Baby Joanna. Everyone enjoyed meeting Baby Joanna and her Mummy Ashley. 

17th Oct 2019

17th Oct 2019

We had our second visit with Baby Joanna and her Mum. Our theme is crying and we discussed why babies might cry. We also talked about the importance of being gentle with babies. The children sang some nursery rhymes to Baby Joanna and watched her on our special green blanket.