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3rd Dec 2021

🌟 Well done to all our stars this week 🌟

⭐️ Nursery: Darcy

⭐️ Year 1/2: Josh

⭐️ Year 2/3: Willow & Finlay

⭐️ Year 3/4: Emily & Matthew

⭐️ Year 5/6: Jody

⭐️ Year 6/7: Emma

3rd Dec 2021

We had lots of fun completing the Northern Ireland Daily Mile Santa Run with all our Christmas accessories and jingle bells 🎅🏼 

26th Nov 2021

The boys and girls in Afterschools have been very busy on Mondays and Wednesdays doing arts and crafts. Have a look at what they’ve been making 🎨 

26th Nov 2021

🌟 Well done to all our stars this week 🌟

Nursery: Leo

Year 1/2: Ruby & Judah

Year 2/3: Amelia 

Year 3/4: Beth

Year 5/6: Amelia

Year 6/7: Savannah 

26th Nov 2021

Every Wednesday we go to Mrs Kane's classroom and we have great fun doing art with her.

We have been using lots of different materials to create a beautiful Autumn picture. To begin with, we talked about creating a pathway. We experimented with drawing the lines at different angles to achieve the correct look. Next we needed to draw a country house, full of lovely details such as windows and plants. Using chalks, we managed to create the look of a leafy path by smudging the colours together. Then using crayons we completed the sky and the house. By mixing autumn colours on a sponge we managed to achieve the look of autumn trees. Finally we added trees to the pathway, and their shadows using charcoal.

Take a look at our fabulous Autumn pictures, aren’t they amazing?

26th Nov 2021

The boys and girls have settled back into nursery so well and they are learning lots of new things. Our topic this term is Helping Hands and we are learning about all the different people who help us. Have a look at what we have been getting up to. 

19th Nov 2021

The boys and girls had lots of fun doing activities all week for this years ABW.  We acted out various scenarios and role plays, complimented our peers, took part in a colouring in competition and wore our odd socks!


🌟 Remember 🌟

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted ❤️

19th Nov 2021

Today we all wore odd socks to show how we are all different. This was Anti-Bullying week and we were learning about how lovely it is to use kind words. 
ONE KIND WORD...... makes others smile and feel good about themselves. Let’s keep using kind words in Y6/7!

19th Nov 2021

The theme for this years anti-bullying week is “One Kind Word”. We had to look out for people who show kindness, use kind words and are a good friend. This was very difficult as all the children in Artigarvan Primary School are very kind. Well done to everyone who received a certificate today: 

Nursery: Elsie & Drew

Year 1/2: Oliver & Josh

Year 2/3: Matthew K & Lily

Year 3/4: Eva & Mya

Year 5/6: Emme, Amelia & Zac

Year 6/7: Sarah-Jane & Abbey-Gale (missing from photograph) 

Well done boys and girls and remember “one kind word” can mean so much ☺️

19th Nov 2021

🌟 Well done to all our stars this week 🌟

⭐️ Nursery: William

⭐️ Year 1/2: Amelia-Rose

⭐️ Year 2/3: Isla

⭐️ Year 3/4: Calvin

⭐️ Year 5/6: Mason

⭐️ Year 6/7: Daisy