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16th Jun 2021
15th Jun 2021

Mrs Preston had some little visitors at Nursery so we headed over for a little peak. To our surprise, three fluffy ducklings were waddling around! We got a close look at their features, we noticed they had webbed feet to help them in the water and they were surprisingly soft to touch. They didn’t like a lot of noise, so using quiet voices and still hands we observed closely. Mrs Preston refilled their water and they loved drinking the fresh water, splashing around and stretching their wings. This was so much fun and a great end to our week! 

15th Jun 2021

What a day we all had for our sports day followed by a fun afternoon on the pitch.  All the boys and girls tried their very best with all the races and had fun 🤩 

Check out all our photos 📸

14th Jun 2021

Have a look at our video of P3/4 Sports Day - what a great morning - well done everyone ⭐️

11th Jun 2021
11th Jun 2021

This term our topic is “Let’s get growing.”We have been learning all about life cycles. We have learnt all about the life cycle of frogs and ducks. We got to see tadpoles and hold some ducklings. Look at our photos below, the boys and girls had a quacking time. 🐸🦆🐸🦆


A big thank you to Mrs Preston and Mrs McGinnis for allowing us to see these animals. 

10th Jun 2021

We had the best fun day ever- we got slightly wet in such a ‘heavy down pour’ of water guns 😉 It is even more fun when you are allowed to soak the big people in your class!