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Latest News - Mr Campbell

25th Mar 2022

This week our class were working hard on their times tables. We have all 32 pupils on the T-team board now 🙌🙌


Have a look at the movers this week. 

Eva became a cub

Emily became a cadet

Nancy became a captain 

Sarah became a commander

Lacey and Alfie have became a division whiz

18th Mar 2022

Well done to Charlie and Zara for becoming Cubs, to Mya who is a Cadet and Sarah who is now a Captain. Keep up the hard work!

18th Mar 2022

On Wednesday we were learning about St Patrick. Afterwards we completed some art work. First we cut out a template of a shamrock. ☘️ We then held it in place on another page and used our fingers to dab the paint around the outline of the shamrock. When we removed the template it showed the outline of the shamrock. Have a look at our super art work. 

10th Mar 2022

This week we have been looking at symmetry, we have been trying to find symmetrical items within our room. 

We have also been looking at the lines of symmetry in shapes.

On Thursday we made our very own symmetrical cards. We first folded the page in half then put blobs of paint in a pattern. When we folded the other half of the page over we pressed it down and held it for 10 seconds. Have a look at our finished cards.

3rd Mar 2022

What a fantastic effort that was made by our children, staff and parents today for World Book Day.  The children were allowed to wear pyjamas or a book character costume and the effort put in was amazing.  

Well done to each of you. 😁

25th Feb 2022

Well done to everyone that has moved in the month of Feburary. Will you move next month?

1st Feb 2022

The boys and girls in our class have been working really hard with their time tables this term. Have a look at our photographs to see who is a cub, cadet, captain, commander and division whiz. Can they move up rank this week?

14th Dec 2021

We hope you will enjoy these songs, sing along if you know them!

13th Dec 2021

Have a look at these picture to see what we have been doing this term. We have been so busy.

10th Nov 2021

Our topic for this term is People Who Help Us and over the past few weeks we have been taking part in an art project with Mrs Preston on a Wednesday afternoon.  We worked in groups to plan, design and create a lifeboat.  The first week we planned what resources we would need to make our lifeboat and what each resource would be used for.  The next few weeks we used our imagination and creativity to create the lifeboat using junk art, paint, glue and other resources.  

Today we were able to present the boat to our class and tell them lots of details about the name of the boat, the captain’s name, how many crew it had and one group even told us the measurements of its height, width and length. 

The most exciting part of our project was testing if our boats floated or sank.  We are pleased to say that most of our boats floated and only a few toppled over onto their side.  We talked about why they toppled over and we would consider this when completing a similar project. ⛴🛳 

Well done to all the boys and girls for their fantastic team work and excellent presentation skills in front of their peers. Super work! ⭐️⭐️⭐️