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Latest News - Mrs Kane

24th Sep 2021

We had so much fun on our Autumn walk. As we walked along the footpath we noticed the blackberries at the tops of the hedgerows. Some children thought they were for the giraffes but we eventually came around to the idea of leaving them for the birds. The blackberries were ripe and ready for us to pick as we walked further, we even heard the river flowing beside us. After a steep climb up a hill we spied conkers on the chestnut tree! A few had fallen down so we were able to investigate them. 

What a busy morning we had, our wellies came in very handy and the children were glad to have their milk and snack on our return! 

Perhaps you could continue the search for signs of Autumn at the weekend, after all, your children are now experts in berry picking and conker spotting! 

28th Jun 2021

What a lovely ending to our school year! Have a look at our photos and videos to see what we got up to on our Colour Run. Each class bubble had a turn to go to the pitch and Ronan got everyone warmed up with some Zumba. Next it was time to get colourful as our lovely white t-shirts got covered in coloured powder. Our time at the pitch was finished off by making a colour cloud. Well done boys and girls on making this such a success and a huge thank you for the amazing amount of money you and your families have raised for our school-you are all superstars!!

18th Jun 2021

Today we enjoyed having our favourite bears in class. We counted cookies for the bears to eat, designed our own bears and had fun dancing to many songs. 🎵 What a special treat it was to eat our lunch outside today! We made a circle and had fun playing games. Using our bears we put them in order from largest to smallest. During our playtime we gave our bears a bounce by propelling them using the parachute, such fun we have had! 

17th Jun 2021
17th Jun 2021

Have a look at our had so much fun after our sports day. To end the day we had a water fight, unfortunately we didn’t get any photos as the Anne and Mrs Kane were too busy dodging wet sponges! 

15th Jun 2021

Mrs Preston had some little visitors at Nursery so we headed over for a little peak. To our surprise, three fluffy ducklings were waddling around! We got a close look at their features, we noticed they had webbed feet to help them in the water and they were surprisingly soft to touch. They didn’t like a lot of noise, so using quiet voices and still hands we observed closely. Mrs Preston refilled their water and they loved drinking the fresh water, splashing around and stretching their wings. This was so much fun and a great end to our week! 

15th Apr 2021

We would like to say a big big thank you to the boys and girls in Mrs Kane's class as they have been very busy looking after our school grounds.  They noticed lots of weeds along the paths and got to work pulling them out.  Such a difference you have all made, thank you!!

31st Mar 2021

This week we have enjoyed many fun Easter activities starting off with listening to the Easter story. After listening to the story about Jesus dying on the cross and being raised to life again we wondered why eggs were such a big part of Easter, eating them, decorating them and even playing hide and seek with them! Did you know that eggs are a sign of new life? We learned lots about how eggs activities come from church leaders not eating eggs during Holy Week and they needed to do something with all of the eggs at home so they decorated them and distributed them to the children.

In school we enjoyed decorating our eggs and creating fantastic scenes which had been extremely well-planned at home. You will see our pictures below of what we have created! 

The next day we decorated Easter cards to hang around our houses, we made beautiful eggs using paint and used old cardboard tubes to create a bunny. You won’t believe what happened next! As we hung our Easter bunny up to dry by the window we heard a knock, to our surprise it was the Easter bunny waving us outside, so we followed him! He had hid so many eggs around the school and our job was to find the colour he left for our class. What a busy few days it’s been! 


Have a lovely Easter everyone, stay safe! 

30th Mar 2021

Well done to all of the boys and girls for their hard work making their wonderful egg creations.  They were all fantastic but we had to choose some winners in each class. Samantha and Cherry from the kitchen had the very difficult job of choosing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class. 

Well done to everyone for taking part.

Happy Easter :)