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Latest News - Mrs Preston

21st Jun 2022

During the month of June we have started our transition programme for the nursery children who are moving into P1 in our school in September.  The boys and girls have been for a few visits to experience the different sections of a typical day in P1. This includes, morning break, outside play in the playground and for a school dinner.  
They have coped exceptionally well with all of these transitions and we are very proud of them.  Here are a few photos of them having a great time in P1 with Mr Henderson and Anne. 😁

21st Jun 2022

Today was a very exciting day in Nursery! We walked down to Artigarvan play park for some fun and a picnic. Mrs Harper brought us down an iced lolly and we were so glad as it was quite warm.  Thankfully the weather stayed dry and the boys and girls had so much fun.  Sometimes the simple things in life are by far the best!!😁😁 
The children were so well behaved and most importantly had the best morning together having fun! ⭐️⭐️

8th Jun 2022

We have had a busy week!! On Monday we came into nursery and we were greeted with 2 new arrivals. We had 2 chicks hatched from our eggs in the incubator. 🐣 As the week has progressed we have had more and more and managed to get 9 chicks from a batch of 12 eggs.  😯

Today the boys and girls got to hold a chick for the 1st time.  We wanted to leave them for a few days to let them get a little stronger before they were handled by little hands. 

Today was very exciting and very child was brave enough to hold or pet a chick. We can’t wait to watch them grow and to care for them over the next couple of weeks. 🐥

7th Jun 2022

Today we celebrated two little children for their successes with outside of school activities.  Annie was a winner at a Jubilee Bonnet competition with Sollus which was held at Bready Primary School during the weekend. Well done Annie and what a magnificent bonnet!!


Also, during the same event Alex got presented with his Pirate Dance Award.  He brought in his trophy and certificate and we even got to have a little sample of his highland dancing.  Keep up the super work Alex. 

24th May 2022

This term our 2 topics are based around the farm and in the garden.  We have had lots of exciting things happening over the last few weeks.

 We have watched our sunflowers grow taller and taller each day. 🌻🌻 Some of them are growing slower than others but we are having patience.  

We have watched 10 caterpillars grow, make cocoons and we have been able to watch as 9 of them have turned into butterflies. We even managed to watch 2 butterflies emerge from their cocoons. It was amazing to watch this transformation! 🐛➡️🦋 We will release them from the net into the world very soon. 

We also have 12 hen eggs sitting in an incubator and we are hoping in 3 weeks time we will have some baby chicks. 🤞🏻

We have had fantastic learning opportunities with all of the new life and we are very excited to watch our eggs very carefully over the next few weeks. 

Enjoy looking at our photos and keep coming back to see if we have any new friends arrive. 🐥🐥

6th May 2022

This week we have been keen little gardeners as we have planted some sunflower seeds. Mrs Preston read us a story called ‘Sam plants a Sunflower’ and we used this to help us with each step. The children have planted one seed each and we will watch over the next few weeks to see if we can see any little shoots starting to grow. 
Each day we will choose a little helper to water and check our seeds. 

We can’t wait to keep you posted if we see any growth but we know that we must have patience.

6th May 2022

This morning we had 3 fluffy little visitors who came to meet us. 🐥🐥🐥  Torin’s Daddy Tom, brought in their chicks to let the boys and girls see and hold them. Torin taught us how we need to hold the chicks and told us about which ones will grow to be chickens or roosters.  Did you know if a chick has furry feet, it is female?

Most children wanted to hold a chick and the they all did fantastic.  One little chick kept trying to fly away but we managed to keep it safe.  It even tried to climb up onto William’s shoulder!😁

A big thank you to Torin and his Daddy for bringing in the chicks and teaching us lots of new things. What a fantastic learning experience!

4th Apr 2022

This week we had lots of fun again with Kathleen.  We sang a new song about a bunny for Easter and Kathleen treated us with some music by playing her ukulele as we sang along.  We explored fast and slow music too.  Thank you for another fantastic session Jo and Kathleen. 😁

28th Mar 2022

What a noisy week with Kathleen and Jo today, we were playing the cymbals!!! Look at how much fun we were having and we were still able to follow the instructions that Kathleen was giving us. Well done boys and girls! 

28th Mar 2022

Our topic at present is Nursery Rhyme time and we have decided to participate in The Rhyme Challenge from Bookstart.  Each week the children get sent home 2 nursery rhymes to learn during that week.  We try to sing these in class also as singing can be done by anyone no matter of their ability.  This initiative is to encourage parents/grandparents to sing more nursery rhymes with their children as it seems that fewer children can recite the most common rhymes when they are of pre-school age. 
Have a listen to 3 of our children who very confidently stood up and performed these rhymes in front of their peers. Well done to William, Lily-Rose and Darcy. ⭐️⭐️⭐️