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Latest News - Mrs Preston

31st Jan 2020

This week our session was all about the importance of praise.  We shared an interesting fact - with every 1 positive comment we give to our children we also give them 8 negative comments. It made us think about the types of praise that we give to our children on a daily basis. We talked about specific, genuine, focused on effort and without a sting in the tail. I hope all our parents who have taken part, are consciously thinking about the type of praise they are using at home with all their children. We all made 1 praise star to use at home and we also got to take home resources to make a star for every member of our family.

22nd Nov 2019

This week we had a very exciting few days as our Mummies and Daddies came to play in Nursery.  On Tuesday and Thursday we had a busy room and lots of happy children. The parents had the opportunity to have some valuable play time with their child and also had a chance to have a quick with Mrs Preston. 

We hope you found this useful and also special to spend 1 hour with your child in their school environment. Sorry we didn't manage to get a photo of everyone but here are a few snaps we managed to capture. 

25th Sep 2019

During the month of September we have had a busy month learning lots of new things. Our little minds have been thinking a lot about all the new routines but we managing very well and settling into our new surroundings. We have made lots of new friends also.  

24th Jun 2019

A number of children have been working on progressing their phonics and reading skills through Headsprout, an online reading programme. Gerry, the headsprout leader has commented on the fantastic progress made by all of the children. The children were congratulated in assembly and presented with a certificate and a prize. Well done everyone! 


24th Jun 2019

In our school the children have many opportunities to play a range of musical instruments. Darren came to school to distribute certificates to children who have achieved awards in playing the chanter. Well done to all of the children for their hard work and dedication. 

24th Mar 2019

On Pancake Tuesday we decided to make our very own pancakes.  Centra at Ballymaggory were very kind to donate pancakes to our whole school and we have eaten these already, however we decided to show the children how to make their own.  We had lots of helpers to measure and pour the ingredients and of course lots of little tasters and flippers. I think you can see that they went down a treat!!!!!

15th Feb 2019

With the last spell of wintery weather, we decided in nursery it was time to make some vegetable soup.  The children helped to chop up the vegetables using scissors and knives. They learned lots of new vocabulary about the different vegetables that they were chopping. The children really enjoyed taking part in this and the next day we all had some for our snack.  Every child tasted it and some children liked it more than others.

8th Jan 2019

On Thursday of this week, Jack's Mummy Selena, brought in lots of different animals for us to learn about.  She told us about what kind of animals they were, what they like to eat, and the brave children even got to touch or hold the animal. We are very thankful for Selena taking the time to bring all these animals in for us as it is a great learning experience for our children. Have a look through and see what animal would be your favourite.

4th Dec 2018

Last week our class put on a fantastic performance of the Christmas nativity story.  The children did us proud as staff but I am very sure that our parents were as proud watching their little one on the stage.  Each child put in so much effort and were all bright shining stars.  Well done Nursery :)