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Latest News - Mrs Preston

16th Jun 2021
11th Jun 2021
10th Jun 2021

We had the best fun day ever- we got slightly wet in such a ‘heavy down pour’ of water guns 😉 It is even more fun when you are allowed to soak the big people in your class!

10th Jun 2021

This week the pre-school children who are coming to our school in September went over to the main school and had their first experience of a school dinner. They all did exceptionally well and had a fun time. Well done boys and girls! 😁

7th May 2021

Today was Break the rules day in school.  The children loved being able to break some of our school rules. 

They were allowed to: 

1.Wear their own clothes

2. Have crazy hair

3. Bring an unhealthy snack

4. Come to school late


The children had lots of fun and we managed to raise lots of money that will go towards our school funds. 

Thanks everyone for your support and most of all thank you for having fun!!

19th Apr 2021

What a way to start a Monday morning.  This week our school are participating in the Sustran's Big Pedal.  Today was our selected day to cycle/scoot to school and what a fantastic effort the nursery class have went to! 19 children either cycled or scooted to Nursery and we all had so much fun out in the 'big playground' on our bikes and scooters. 

Well done everyone you all did amazing!!

PS: Even some of the grown ups brought their scooter to school too! :)

15th Apr 2021

Today we got outside for some outdoor play. Firstly we started off with our story time outside.  This was a real treat for us.  After story time we got very busy!!

We have now got a new stone area to play with our trucks and vehicles and it is has been very popular today.  The children also had lots of fun in our sand pit and they were very busy digging in the sunshine. We have 2 playhouses now and the children loved exploring how one house is big and the other one is smaller.

What a super outdoor play session today - we had lots of fun!

30th Mar 2021

We were so 'eggcited' today when Thea noticed somebody outside in our playground....THE EASTER BUNNY! We couldn't believe that he came to visit us today and he even left us some treats in our playground. Look at all of these happy faces.


Happy Easter boys and girls :)

30th Mar 2021

Well done to all of the boys and girls for their hard work making their wonderful egg creations.  They were all fantastic but we had to choose some winners in each class. Samantha and Cherry from the kitchen had the very difficult job of choosing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class. 

Well done to everyone for taking part.

Happy Easter :)

26th Mar 2021

The nursery children have been practising recognising their name and also becoming familiar with the letter shapes within their names. We used the cotton buds and paint to print over each letter.