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3rd Jun 2021

Parents of Artigarvan Primary School and Community Nursery,

Our PTA would like to trial a Uniform Recycling System at the end of June. 

If anyone has any pieces of uniform that they no longer need if they could kindly remove their child’s name from the clothing and send to school before the term finishes on 29th June.

The PTA will sort all the items that have been sent into school and let you know how you can purchase items before we return for the new school year in September.

All items will cost £1/£2 and all money raised will go to school funds.

We know buying uniforms can be costly so this will be a good way to cut down the cost of purchasing uniforms while supporting our school at the same time. 

Thank you 😊 

26th May 2021

Staff from Artigarvan PS very proudly present Emma McCann from Cancer Focus NI with £1500 raised through donations in lieu of Christmas presents and the ‘March a Million’ step challenge. Thank you to everyone who supported us in memory of our former teacher Mrs Craig. Also pictured in the photograph are David an Olivia Craig (Mrs Craig’s husband and daughter). We would also like to thank David and Olivia for joining us for the presentation. 

26th May 2021

Here’s a little update from our greenhouse and planter: 

The weeds have been cleared and our sunflower seeds that we planted are coming along nicely (see the attached pictures).

We also planted some onions and spread some more wildflower seeds kindly gifted by the council. Families can call into the reception of the council offices and pick up their free pack of wildflower seeds (while stocks last). Thank you so much to the council for our seeds. 

In class Mrs Pollock read a lovely story about sunflowers 🌻 and told all the boys and girls about a famous sunflower painting by Vincent Van Gogh. The boys and girls then designed their own sunflower pictures using chalk based on the work of Van Gogh. 

19th May 2021

During term three our class have been reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. In this book George makes a number of medicines, all of which have different effects on the people that take them. On Friday Mr Campbell brewed some of his own concoctions for everyone to try. Have a look at the pictures below, can you tell that the children enjoyed these?

10th May 2021


We are pleased to inform you that resources to help your child with maths have been made available on the CCEA website. These resources are designed to help you support your child's maths learning at home. They will build their understanding of the maths concepts covered in the classroom.


Being the parent of a young learner is challenging, as you have to balance supporting their learning with your other responsibilities. If the maths methods used by your child’s school are different from those you learned, or if maths has always been challenging for you, we hope that these resources will help you and your child navigate maths learning together, and hopefully have a little fun along the way!


You can access the resources by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

Tens and Units (TU) - Units (U) Subtraction

Tens and Units (TU) - Tens and Units (TU) Subtraction

Hundreds, Tens and Units (HTU) - Tens and Units (TU)

Hundreds, Tens and Units - Hundreds, Tens and Units (HTU)

Rosie's 5 step guides to subtraction (decomposition) encourage all learners to Watch, Try, Practise, Build Confidence and Celebrate Success.
With help from ready-to-use videos, support materials and work cards, these resources are perfect for children practising this essential maths skill at home. They also support parents as they reinforce the processes and language used with learners in the classroom to further promote self-paced, relaxed learning. 

We hope you find these resources helpful.

7th May 2021

Today was Break the rules day in school.  The children loved being able to break some of our school rules. 

They were allowed to: 

1.Wear their own clothes

2. Have crazy hair

3. Bring an unhealthy snack

4. Come to school late


The children had lots of fun and we managed to raise lots of money that will go towards our school funds. 

Thanks everyone for your support and most of all thank you for having fun!!

4th May 2021

Over the past few days the children have been learning about 2D shapes, we have been learning about the properties of these shapes. We have used several different shapes to make some tiles, have a look at the wonderful tiles we have made.

4th May 2021

Last week we finished off our length topic by finding the area and perimeter of some delicious, well know biscuits.  The children all worked so well with their study buddies during this activity.   Might have something to do with being allowed to eat the biscuits at the end 🤣

26th Apr 2021

Now that all our donations have been gathered in and counted we are so proud to say that we raised £511.36 for Cancer Focus NI. We also have sent £105 direct to Cancer Focus to sign up to March a Million. Our donations in lieu of presents at Christmas came to a total of £860 making a final total of £1476.46 to be presented to Rosie from Cancer Focus NI in the coming weeks.
We cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity and we know that our very special Mrs Craig will be so so proud of everyone’s efforts. We can imagine her laugh and smile watching everyone stepping around the roads of Artigarvan and beyond and those famous words for a full month were “how many steps are you on now?” 
Most of you will know what an amazing teacher Mrs Craig was at Artigarvan P.S, some of the parents will remember her fondly as Miss Chapman. We all have so many wonderful memories of Mrs Craig not just as a teacher but as an amazing friend to all the staff at our school. Together the staff of our school walked 7,087,769 steps in the month of March and we will be so proud to hand over all money raised in memory of such an amazing lady and teacher to so many children over the years 🥰 
Thank you to everyone who supported this worthy cause 🌟 

26th Apr 2021

Y 5/6 all enjoyed bringing their bikes and scooters into school last Thursday!