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4th Apr 2022

This week we had lots of fun again with Kathleen.  We sang a new song about a bunny for Easter and Kathleen treated us with some music by playing her ukulele as we sang along.  We explored fast and slow music too.  Thank you for another fantastic session Jo and Kathleen. 😁

1st Apr 2022
  • The children in Year 2 and Year 5 have been enjoying Parental Involvement in Numeracy. The children had the opportunity to take home numeracy games to play with their parents. Well done to all the children and grown ups!! 
1st Apr 2022

Today in assembly Sarah-Jane and Jessica became Word Millionaires and will join the others on Millionaire’s Row photograph board. Chloe has now read two million words 🌟 and received some treats also. Well done girls and keep up the reading 📚 

1st Apr 2022

Well done to all our stars this week:

⭐️ Nursery: Tommy

⭐️ Year 1/2: Bella-Rose

⭐️ Year 2/3: Ella & Mason 

⭐️ Year 3/4: Rachel

⭐️ Year 5/6: Zara 

⭐️ Year 6/7: Sarah-Jane & Jessica 

30th Mar 2022

Today we had our 3rd week of Families Connect. We talked about the importance of giving your child praise and we also looked at the different types of praise. 
It made us all think about how often we actually praise our children and the different ways in which we do it. 

When the children came to join us, they spent some time making a Superstar Award with their Mummy. They will use this at home to pick someone each day to be the Superstar and they will talk about why that family member deserves to get the award. 

Praising our children will help develop their self esteem and self confidence so let’s all think and speak positively to our children. 💙

30th Mar 2022

What a special day we had in Artigarvan Primary School celebrating our 50th Birthday! It started with a shout out on Downtown Radio from Gary and Glen who sang Happy Birthday to our school 🎵 

In school, Mrs Harper held an outdoor assembly on the playground, we sang our Happy Birthday song followed by a quiz about our school. The boys and girls in Artigarvan have definitely researched the history of our school very well-they answered every question correctly 🌟 

We had a disco/party on the playground before dinner with lots of fancy dance moves on display followed by a lovely party dinner -thank you to the kitchen staff for providing this 🌭 🍟 

The children were wondering why there was no dessert at dinner time but soon had a big smile on their faces when they went out to find the Mr Whippy van parked outside 🍦 

Before the children went home they received a birthday bag with some treats as well as some keepsakes to remind them of the time their very special primary school turned 50. 

We hope everyone enjoyed their day and thank you for celebrating with us 🎂 

28th Mar 2022

What a noisy week with Kathleen and Jo today, we were playing the cymbals!!! Look at how much fun we were having and we were still able to follow the instructions that Kathleen was giving us. Well done boys and girls! 

28th Mar 2022

Our topic at present is Nursery Rhyme time and we have decided to participate in The Rhyme Challenge from Bookstart.  Each week the children get sent home 2 nursery rhymes to learn during that week.  We try to sing these in class also as singing can be done by anyone no matter of their ability.  This initiative is to encourage parents/grandparents to sing more nursery rhymes with their children as it seems that fewer children can recite the most common rhymes when they are of pre-school age. 
Have a listen to 3 of our children who very confidently stood up and performed these rhymes in front of their peers. Well done to William, Lily-Rose and Darcy. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

25th Mar 2022

A huge well done to Bethany who has joined Millionaires Row and has read one million words in Accelerated Reading. Congratulations Bethany…we hope you enjoy your treats and keep up the fantastic reading 📕