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19th Nov 2021

Today we all wore odd socks to show how we are all different. This was Anti-Bullying week and we were learning about how lovely it is to use kind words. 
ONE KIND WORD...... makes others smile and feel good about themselves. Let’s keep using kind words in Y6/7!

19th Nov 2021

We had great fun doing activities in our odd socks today. We hope you like all our sock colours and designs.

19th Nov 2021

The theme for this years anti-bullying week is “One Kind Word”. We had to look out for people who show kindness, use kind words and are a good friend. This was very difficult as all the children in Artigarvan Primary School are very kind. Well done to everyone who received a certificate today: 

Nursery: Elsie & Drew

Year 1/2: Oliver & Josh

Year 2/3: Matthew K & Lily

Year 3/4: Eva & Mya

Year 5/6: Emme, Amelia & Zac

Year 6/7: Sarah-Jane & Abbey-Gale (missing from photograph) 

Well done boys and girls and remember “one kind word” can mean so much ☺️

19th Nov 2021

🌟 Well done to all our stars this week 🌟

⭐️ Nursery: William

⭐️ Year 1/2: Amelia-Rose

⭐️ Year 2/3: Isla

⭐️ Year 3/4: Calvin

⭐️ Year 5/6: Mason

⭐️ Year 6/7: Daisy

19th Nov 2021

Always remember boys and girls to use One Kind Word and that will make you a fantastic friend. ⭐️⭐️

Today we all wore our odd socks to represent that fact that everyone is different.  Even though we are all different we are still very special and unique. 

Share a smile and kindness ❤️

18th Nov 2021

Today some of the Year 7’s helped Mrs Harper pack all our shoe boxes into the boot of Mrs Harper’s car so that she could drop them off at the drop off point in Ballykelly this evening. The lady from Samaritans Purse is so thankful to everyone in Artigarvan PS for supporting the Shoe Box Appeal this year. 

18th Nov 2021

Have a look at what they’ve been getting up to at After Schools this week…sun catchers and bird feeders with lots of fun along the way!

18th Nov 2021

Guidance from the PHA for parents about healthy eating, please have a read...

16th Nov 2021

Year 4 have been busy with Mrs Pollock's help planting daffodil and bluebell bulbs in planters for Spring.

They planted strawberry runners from the raised beds and collected wildflower seeds from existing plants.

15th Nov 2021

Boys, girls and grown ups we cannot believe how many shoeboxes you have brought in for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Appeal. Thank you so much for supporting this appeal. It is lovely to be able to pass on FIFTY shoeboxes to little boys and girls a lot less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you 😊