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25th Feb 2022

Well done to all our stars this week:

⭐️ Nursery: Alex

⭐️ Year 1/2: Layla

⭐️ Year 2/3: Ella

⭐️ Year 3/4: Abbie & Daisy

⭐️ Year 5/6: Sophie N 

⭐️ Year 6/7: James

25th Feb 2022

This week we have been looking at the different letters in our name.  A lot of children are able to recognise their own name and some can make an attempt at writing it by themselves. This activity helped to develop our hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills as we used finger painting on each letter. We had lots of fun doing this!

25th Feb 2022

A big thank you to the nursery boys and girls who very kindly helped to clear out our sand pit and dig up all the weeds.  We have a very kind parent who volunteered to do it but unfortunately due to circumstances he wasn’t able to help so we gathered up our spades and rakes and got to work. What a good job boys and girls! We can now have lots of fun in the sand pit. 

24th Feb 2022

We would like to thank the McCrea family for donating a creamery can for our 50th Birthday this year. We were so delighted this week when the we got to see the finished product-it is such a lovely keepsake for our school. 

24th Feb 2022

We have lots of lovely activities planned for next week as it is World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. Remember on Thursday of next week children can come to school dressed as a character from a book or wear their pyjamas.

24th Feb 2022

Is your child finding it difficult to attend school? Have a look at this online workshop to support children to return more willingly to the school environment.

15th Feb 2022

Have a look at the lovely crafts the boys and girls at Afterschools Club made for Valentine’s Day ❤️ 

11th Feb 2022

Today we treated our Year 7 pupils who sat the AQE to some sweets and homework passes for all their hard work over the past year. Well done everyone, we are so proud of you all 🌟 

11th Feb 2022

Well done to all the winners in our Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars this week:

Year 1 Numbots: Erin, Ethan & Myla

Year 2 Numbots: Matthew McG, Mitchell & Jenny

Year 3 Numbots: Alesha, Amelia & Eva

Year 4 Numbots: Emily, Rachel & Lacey

Year 4 TT Rockstars: Melissa, Ariana & Lacey

Year 5 TT Rockstars: Zac, John & Jasmine

Year 6 TT Rockstars: Bethany, Noah & James

Year 7 TT Rockstars: Olly, Adam D & Roy


11th Feb 2022

Thank you so much to everyone who ordered Valentine’s Goody bags and a huge THANK YOU to Liz for making and donating 260 goody bags to our school. This means we have raised £260 for school funds…we can’t thank you enough Liz 😍 Have a lovely half term break everyone, we will see you on Monday 21st February.