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4th Feb 2022

Two Chloe’s…. Two million words!!!!

A huge well done to Chloe B and Chloe Y today on becoming word millionaires in Accelerated Reading. This is a fantastic achievement…congratulations girls and we hope you enjoy your treats 🌟 🌟 

4th Feb 2022

🌟 Well done to all our stars this week 🌟

⭐️ Nursery: Annie H

⭐️ Year 1/2: Harper

⭐️ Year 2/3: Jenny

⭐️ Year 3/4: Beth

⭐️ Year 5/6: Jessica D

⭐️ Year 6/7: Roy

4th Feb 2022

Today was our first 'BIG 50' Draw. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in their 50p's and a huge well done to our winner of £50.....ISLA CRAIG

2nd Feb 2022

Today we have been ordering numbers to 50 in class. This involved some cutting and sticking activities.

We discussed different ways of ordering each other. We had so much fun sorting ourselves in order of height and then by age from the youngest member of the class to the eldest. This was quite confusing as we have 2 year groups within our class so it required lots of problem solving! In the afternoon we explored measure using standard and non standard units to measure objects around our classroom. I hope you enjoy our photos.

2nd Feb 2022

Strabane Academy Virtual Open Evening this Thursday 3rd February at 7.30pm

1st Feb 2022

This week in school and Nursery we are having Number Week. The nursery children will be taking part in lots of number activities within 5. Yesterday the children who stayed for extended nursery made some fairy buns. They were able to help measure out the ingredients by looking for the numbers on the recipe. We talked about lots of numbers and used mathematical language during this activity.  Today each child decorated their own fairy bun.  They had to choose and count 5 different sweets to put on top. Let’s say, they left nursery with a big smile ready to eat their bun when they got home. 
Well done boys and girls, what a good start to Number Week. 😁😁    1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣

1st Feb 2022

The boys and girls in our class have been working really hard with their time tables this term. Have a look at our photographs to see who is a cub, cadet, captain, commander and division whiz. Can they move up rank this week?

31st Jan 2022

Year 6/7 investigated the length of the perimeter of the playgrounds using trundle wheels, measuring tapes and metre sticks. We  found the trundle wheels the easiest to use for this task. We found the average length of one circuit of the playgrounds was 128m, which means we’d need to walk (or run) 391 of them to complete a distance of 50km. Will we be able to walk 50km before Easter? Can you work out how many circuits we’d need to do per day to reach our target before Easter? 

31st Jan 2022

Please find attached a leaflet for our P7 pupils to help apply for their post primary place. Your child has received a paper copy today also. You can apply from tomorrow (1st Feb) at noon until it closes at 4pm on Wednesday 23rd February.

28th Jan 2022

This week we had our first session with Sarah from Mind Explorers NI. We really enjoyed it and Sarah couldn’t believe our fantastic listening skills.  We tried really hard with practising our breathing techniques too.  We are looking forward to the next 5 weeks and learning lots of new mindfulness tools.